The TUC Safety Valve

Class Medical’s product offering is the patent protected TUC Safety Valve, a innovative technology aimed at eliminating the problem associated with the treatment of patients that require transurethral catheterisation (TUC).

Over-Inflation Prevention

The unique selling point (USP) of the TUC Safety Valve is that it will prevent inadvertent over-inflation of the anchoring balloon in the urethra, when using any brand of catheter.

In addition to the valve system there is also a narrower (restricted) exit diameter from the syringe body up until the fluid channel reaches the pressure relief valve.

This has the effect of inducing resistance to the fluid when pressurised during normal use. It normalises the fluid pressure distal to the pressure relief valve when used by various individuals.

Extensively Tested

It in effect acts as a speed control, hence preventing a user from by passing the safety valve if the syringe plunger is deflated too rapidly.

This restriction also permits the TUC Safety Valve to be used with any brand of catheter as it also normalises the inflation speeds of the various branded catheters allowing the balloons to open in a more controlled manner.

The TUC Safety Valve technology has been extensively tested on over 10 different Foley urinary catheter brand types with a 100% success rate for the described features.