The TUC Safety Valve

Class Medical’s product offering is the patent protected TUC Safety Valve, innovative technology that prevents urinary catheter related trauma due to inflation of the anchoring balloon in the urethra.


IntertradeIreland Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition

Selected by Seedcorn as one of the finalists for the 2017 Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition.2017

Journal of Urology

The team published a paper on the “incidence, cost, complications and clinical outcomes of iatrogenic urethral catheterisation injuries” in the Journal of Urology. The Journal of Urology is the most widely read urology journal in the world. At the American Urology Association Meeting in Boston in May 2017 this paper was also selected by the Editor of the journal as one of his top three papers for the 2016 publication year.2016

US Patent and Trademark Office

The US Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent for the technology.2016

Journal of Urology

The team published another paper in the Journal of Urology on “preventing urethral trauma from inadvertent inflation of catheter balloon in the urethra during catheterization”. This paper was the subject of the editorial of the October issue of the journal.2015

Commercialisation Fund Award – Enterprise Ireland

The technology was the subject of a Commercialisation Fund Award from Enterprise Ireland to the value of €342,000.2012