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TransUrethral Catheter Safety Valve - TUCSV

Providing a safe solution to a worldwide problem

Award Winning - Innovation of the Year 2022

Proven to Improve Patient Safety - (O'Connor et al., 2023)

Easy to Use 

Potential to Avoid all Catheter Balloon Inflation Injuries - (Davis et al., 2018)


TUC Safety Valve

Although medical professionals have been performing urinary catheterisations for close to 90 years, catheter related injuries are still an everyday occurrence. The TUC Safety Valve prevents the risk of urethral catheter balloon injury, which can lead to stricture and urosepsis.
TUC Safety Valve

TUC Safety Valve

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1 in 4 of all hospitalised patients undergo catheterisation

1-7% of patients will suffer a Catheter Balloon Injury - (Davis et al., 2018)

1.7M catheters placed annually in the NHS

Majority of catheterisations take place in the community setting


Bridging the Gap in Healthcare and
Fulfilling a Clinical Need