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The TransUrethral Catheter Safety Valve - TUCSV

What is the TransUrethral Catheter Safety Valve?

Evidence shows the TUCSV can prevent Urethral Catheter Balloon Injury (CBI) during inflation.

The device is attached between the balloon inflation port and the inflation syringe. The valve ensures the balloon does not cause damage by being inflated in the urethra, alerting the clinician to reposition the device.


Why use the TUC Safety Valve?

CBI causes significant short and long-term impact on the patient, and is often under reported. 

Significant costs are associated with urethral injury treatment. TUCSV reduces these costs.

Patients and clinicians are reassured the risk of CBI is virtually eliminated.


How is the TUC Safety Valve supplied?

The TUC Safety Valve is supplied in boxes of 5 units, with each unit being individually pouched and sterile. 

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